New Study Claims E-cigs Healthier Than Cigarettes – Abc15 Arizona

Controls on advertising to non-smokers and particularly young people are certainly justified, but a total ban would have many negative effects, including protection of the cigarette market and implicit support for tobacco companies, according to the letter. A recent study for the Journal of Pediatrics found that between 2011 and 2013 adolescent (ages 12 to 17) exposure to e-cigarette TV ads increased by more than 250 percent. In young adults, ages 18 to 24, exposure increased by more than 321 percent.

Other view: Ban e-cigarettes inside workplaces : Dunn County News

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Tempe City Council voted 5-1 to ban electronic cigarettes from public places like restaurants and bars Thursday night. Arizona has a similar statewide smoking ban but Attorney General Tom Horne said the statute does not include e-cigarettes. “You light up tobacco, that’s part of the statute, it’s something that’s lit,” Horne said. “The e-cigarettes simply heat up an element that releases nicotine.” State Health Director, WIll Humble told CBS 5 News there should be more studies done on the products but he doesn’t have their website a problem with electronic cigarettes and views them as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. Supporters of Tempe’s ban include the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the Arizona Public Health Association, among others.

Tempe OKs ban on e-cigarettes – CBS 5 – KPHO

Billed as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, especially for those trying to quit smoking, e-cigarettes are devices that have a battery and an atomizer. They heat liquid thats infused with nicotine and users inhale the vapors. Whats in them varies and ingredients arent required on their labels.


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