Great Advice On No-nonsense Programs For Smokestik Ultra

SmokeStik Ultra pic

Our Batteries Come In 7 Different Colors: Black, Steel, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, And Orange.

Compared to SmokeStik ULTRA battery which is only 650mah, the Magic Mist vaporizer has more than 50% more capacity. Next time we need beta testers I’ll just call you guy…this was a fantastic group to work with. A host of even more practical accessories are also available from the SmokeStik store. All Rights Reserved. It still serves the same general purpose, which is to vaporize your flavour liquids into something you can breathe in and taste. We prefer this type of cartridges over the filter tips and e-liquid types. However, after our Comparison Review period, it has ranked as our number 2 products.   Magic Mist Vaporizers are completely compatible with SmokeStik ULTRA Starter Kit. Try them all in a convenient sampler pack, which includes more than one flavour of your choosing. The SmokeStik Jet features the all new second generation hi-tech battery. 


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