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All 24 Companies In The Portfolio The 24 companies and their percentage in the portfolio and total return over a 49.5 month test (starting Jan 1 2013 to 2017 YTD) period is shown in the table below. I chose this time frame since it included the great year of 2013, and other years that had fair and bad performance. The DOW baseline for this period is 58.91% and each of the top six easily beat that baseline. The next 18 have four companies that did not beat the DOW baseline but still are great businesses. I limit the portfolio to 25 companies and let the winners grow until they reach 8% – 9% of the portfolio and then I trim the position. JNJ, BA, HD and MO are now in trim position. I start the companies at a base percentage of the portfolio of 1% and add to the position if they perform well during the next six months. At 4% of the portfolio I stop buying and let the company percentage of the portfolio grow until it hits 8% then it’s time to trim. In the portfolio only one company is actually losing money over the 49.5 month test period – Freeport-McMoRan Inc. ( FCX ), with copper recovering it’s a fair investment for more copper growth in the future.

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